BOS1921 Development-Kit

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  • Plug and play development kit to experience piezo haptic feedback
  • Easy generation of high-voltage waveforms up to 190 Vpp
  • Low-power integrated circuit
  • Standard USB audio to prototype haptic effects in MATLAB, Python, Audacity and many other software
  • Source code available for easy customization of the kit behavior
  • Simple power interface for development via USB port
  • Two separated breakable miniature PCB drivers with differential outputs
  • CapDrive™ technology
CapDrive Technology
BOS1921 Development-Kit

Product Description

The best tool to evaluate piezo haptics

Introducing our new development Kit for evaluating piezo haptics, the BOS1921-Kit! Designed to support your development process, this kit now includes two mini boards, enabling users to explore haptic control and micropump applications more extensively.

The BOS1921, featuring advanced CapDrive™ technology, remains a standout in the market with its low power consumption, minimal latency, and compact footprint. It is the first single-IC solution capable of sensing and driving piezoelectric actuators with up to 190 Vpp voltage, simplifying the implementation of interactive haptic experiences, such as button replacement.

Additionally, the BOS1921-Kit integrates a standard USB audio protocol, making it appear as a regular audio output to any computer. This simplifies waveform prototyping and playback, allowing users to prototype localized or complex haptic solutions with its two channels. 

For an even more user-friendly experience, our Haptic Studio software lets you effortlessly customize and experiment with different waveforms. Whether you're a novice or an advanced user, Haptic Studio offers an intuitive interface to bring your haptic ideas to life.

Discover the potential of haptic control and micropump applications with our enhanced kit today!

What's Included?

BOS1921-Kit - Starter Set - $250 USD

Part# BOS1921-KIT-B01

1 x BOS1921-Kit
1 x Driver Board Haptic
1 x Driver Board Pump
1 x USB-C Cable

Also included: 1 x 10 nF film capacitor, 1 x 47 nF film capacitor, 1 x 100 nF film capacitor, 1 x 470 nF film capacitor, 1 x 3-position terminal block connector, 1 x 2-position terminal block connector, and 1 x 6-position thru-hole header connector

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