Our breakthrough ultra-low-power technology

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CapDriveTM technology is the name of our scalable high-voltage driver architecture. It has been designed from the ground up specially for piezoelectric actuators. The ultimate goal was to offer the best performance and the lowest power consumption to unlock the full potential of piezo actuators.

The BOS1901 single-chip piezo actuator is our first product based on the CapDriveTM. Its performance and ultra-low-power consumption makes it perfect for applications where power and space is limited like:

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Smartphones and Tablets

Portable Computers

Laptop Computers

Keyboards and Mice

Keyboards and Mice

Electronic Gaming

Electronic Gaming



Electronic Cooling

Cooling Fans

Up to 20 Times More Power Efficient

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Power Consumption of Different Haptic Technologies - Normalized to LRA


Piezo - Boréas


Piezo - Leading Solution





Data extracted from Haptic Energy Consumption, Application Report SLOA194, Texas Instruments (TI), May 2014. Data point for Boréas was extrapolated from comparative measurements between the TI DRV8662 chip and Boréas’ driver.

Integrated Piezo-Sensing

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Industry's Smallest Footprint

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Fastest Response Time

See BOS1901 Features

Download the BOS1901 Datasheet

Download the BOS1901 datasheet to see if it fits your application.

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