Product Life Cycle Policy

At Boréas Technologies Inc., we know how important it is to have long product life cycles and supply continuity for our customers. We engage to offer a typical 7 to 10 years longevity and will extend it as long as there is customer demand.

In order to guarantee our customers adequate availability over time for their BOM, and help them selecting a part, Boréas classifies products in 5 life cycle status and publishes them on product webpage.

Status are defined like this:

  • Pre-release: product under development, engineering validation ongoing. Quantities are limited and design specifications could change before being released in production (also called Alpha, Beta or Engineering parts).
  • Active: product available for purchase. Appropriate for new design, but newer alternatives could exist.
  • Not recommended for new designs: in production to support existing customers. Specifications, information and software available on the product page, but no/limited support from Boréas.
  • Last time buy: a product discontinuance notification (PDN) has been released, last orders only.
  • Obsolete: no longer available for purchase

There could be some cases when obsolescence cannot be avoided. If it happens, our discontinuance policy respects JEDEC J-STD-048 standard. Boréas technologies Inc. will provide a product discontinuance notice (PDN) to their direct customers and authorized distributors, allowing a minimum of 6 months from the notice to place final orders (last time buy). Final shipments to the customer will have to be done in the 18 months following PDN. Product discontinuance notice will include:

  • PDN number and publication date
  • Boréas affected part number(s)
  • Last order date - Last ship date
  • Reason for discontinuance
  • Suggested replacement product
  • Supporting information

Direct customers who have ordered this part in the last two (2) years will be automatically notified by email. Last time buy will be coordinated with customers, and Boréas will assist them in order to go through this transition by trying to adapt the schedule, providing information, recommendations and technical data. Please note that last time buy orders are non-cancellable, non refundable, and may be subject to a minimum quantity.