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Effortless Customization

Designers can easily craft bespoke tactile experiences without complex coding, streamlining development and enhancing creativity.

Real-Time Fine-Tuning

Instantly adjust vibration, response speed, and touch intensity in real-time to perfect user experiences, ensuring they resonate with your audience.

Haptic Mastery Made Simple

Boréas Haptic Studio strikes a balance between ease of use for beginners and robust capabilities for experts. It's user-friendly for those new to haptic design, while providing advanced customization options for experienced designers.

Haptic Studio 1.3.0

New Features

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Haptic Studio: Evolving with Boréas's Driver Ecosystem

At present, Boréas Haptic Studio seamlessly integrates with our CapDrive® Ultra-Low Power Piezo Driver with Advanced Sensing, the BOS1921. This dynamic duo enables designers to unlock a world of haptic possibilities. However, we're excited to share that in the near future, Boréas Haptic Studio will extend its compatibility to our entire range of drivers, allowing you to explore the vast potential of haptic design across various devices.

Rest assured, whether you're working with the BOS1921 or any other Boréas driver, Boréas Haptic Studio will continue to be your trusted companion, making haptic customization a breeze, and it's fully compatible with our development kit for an even smoother creative process.

Improved sensing

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