Piezo Haptics
Inside Automobiles

Reducing Distracted Driving

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The solution: BOS1211

Our powerful piezo haptic driver IC tailored for automotive applications, is certified with AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualification, solidifying its suitability for the automotive market's demanding standards.

A dramatic improvement over older haptic technologies

Gated by their larger size and inherent performance problems, LRAs deliver a “mushy” feel to the touch because the LRA isn’t localized to the actual button that’s pressed. In contrast, piezo haptic buttons and sliders deliver “crisp” effects that can be customized to mimic the feel of mechanical buttons because they can be located under a specific button.


Sterring Wheel

Integrating haptics into the steering wheel enhances safety by providing tactile feedback for crucial controls like navigation, volume, and phone calls, ensuring drivers keep their eyes on the road.

Center Console

The central console becomes an interactive hub with customizable haptic feedback. Its ability to mimic various controls, from buttons to sliders, ensures a tailored user experience, enhancing safety and usability within the vehicle.

Display Haptic

Adding haptic effects to the display ensures users receive confirmation for their actions, such as button presses or menu selections, without needing to divert attention from the road, thus enhancing overall safety within the vehicle.

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