Turbocharge Your Cooling with Active Solutions

Active cooling solutions, such as piezo micropumps, turbocharge heat transfer and ensure optimal temperatures, leading to a significantly higher rate of heat removal compared to passive methods. Say goodbye to slowdowns and hello to peak performance!

Flexible Cooling Solution

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Advantages of Boréas Piezo Micropump Solutions

Efficiency Redefined

Micropump technology is an efficient cooling solution that provides excellent temperature uniformity and a large heat dissipation area. This solution keeps the CPU running under intensive load and protects the battery from excessive heat.

Compact Powerhouse

Experience the power of compactness with Boréas micropump solutions. With a miniature footprint of just 2.1 mm x 1.7 mm x 0.625 mm WLSCSP, our CapDrive BOS1921 sets new standards for size-to-performance ratio. Don't let limited space hinder your device's cooling capabilities.

Unmatched Flexibility

Boréas micropump solutions are uniquely suited for non-standard form factors, such as foldable smartphones. Unlike rigid cooling solutions that falter under pressure, our flexible cooling-film layer ensures continuous operation through 200,000 bends, safeguarding device integrity without compromise.

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