Piezo Haptics Guides

High-definition piezo haptics can enrich the user experience of your products. Learn more on piezo haptics with our free guides.

How Piezoelectric Haptics Can Help you Improve Your Device

There's multiple haptic technologies around, but they are not equals. There's one way to go if you want to generate HD Haptic effects. Learn why piezoelectric haptics are more advanced.

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Add Value And Improve User Experience With Better Haptics

Learn how much your customers value haptics, how to improve the user experience of your device and where to start to integrate HD Haptics in your products.

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Advantages Of Haptic Trackpads

While trackpads look like simple pieces of technology, they have some serious impact on user experience. Learn the advantages of haptic trackpads and the difference between Piezo and LRA technologies.

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