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Boréas Technologies ultra-low-power piezo drivers enable the next generation of high-definition piezo haptics. Using a multidisciplinary approach, our team crafts new designs and electronics to help you improve the touch user experience of your products with HD piezo haptics.


Build better smartphones with HD piezo display haptics, our button replacement NexusTouch technology, or cool down the CPU with innovative piezo fans.

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Build larger, thinner, and better trackpads with HD piezo haptics. Piezo haptics flexibility also enables better touch experiences for the next wave of PC form factors.

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Better HD piezo haptics make wearables feel premium. Build the best touch user experience for wearables with the innovative Boréas Piezo Haptic Engine.

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Better Haptics Starts With Better Hardware

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Low Power

Our BOS1901 piezo driver integrated circuit can be up to 10 times more efficient than legacy haptic technologies like ERM and LRA.

Hand sensing

Force Sensing

The BOS1901 is the first ultra-low-power piezo driver to create feedback and sense force from the same piezo actuator.

Rocket launch

Low Latency

The near-instantaneous start-up time of our BOS1901 piezo drivers is ideal for creating high-definition haptic effects.

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