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What is a Piezoelectric Driver?

A piezoelectric haptic solution is composed of three elements: a microcontroller (MCU), a piezo driver and a piezo actuator.

The actuator is built with piezoelectric material (hence the name) that deforms when it receive a high-voltage electrical charge. When you control precisely the electrical charge, you can make the actuator vibrate and create haptic feedback. That’s where the piezo driver comes to play. The driver job is to take the microcontroller output and transform it into high-voltage electrical charge, so the actuator can create the desired haptic effect.

Boréas Technologies designs and commercializes innovative low power piezo drivers.

Our breakthrough CapDriveTM technology allows our piezo driver to:

  • Be up to 20 times more efficient than other haptic technologies
  • Have the industry’s smallest footprint
  • Have integrated pressure sensing from the same piezo actuator

Piezoelectric haptics can create high-definition feedback and improve dramatically the user experience. It’s now possible to integrate them in the smallest electronic devices that surrounds us thanks to our CapDriveTM technology.

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