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CapDriveTM Technology Benefits


Low Power Consumption

Our BOS1901 piezo driver integrated circuit can be up to 10 times more efficient than legacy haptic technologies like ERM and LRA.

Hand sensing

Built-In Force Sensing

The BOS1901 is the first ultra-low-power piezo driver to create feedback and sense force from the same piezo actuator.

Rocket launch

Low Latency

The near-instantaneous start-up time of our BOS1901 piezo drivers is ideal for creating high-definition haptic effects.

Haptic User Experience

Delight Your Customers

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Better User Experience for Every Applications


Mobile Devices

Improve the user experience on smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.



Surprise your users with rich and detailed haptic effects



Improve safety and usability on automotive touchscreens


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Technical Support

Our application engineering team is available to ease the integration of Boreas piezo haptic in your design.

About Boréas Technologies

Boréas Technologies Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company commercializing product-differentiating integrated circuits for haptic applications in consumer and industrial markets. With origins in research conducted at Harvard University, Boréas was founded in 2016 in Bromont, Québec. Its proprietary piezoelectric actuator driver technology platform, CapDrive, enables the rapid design of low-power HD haptic feedback in wearables, smartphones, game controllers and other devices.

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