Driving the
Haptic Revolution

Through low power electronics

High-Definition Piezo Haptic Driver for Every Form Factors

Our low-power piezo haptic driver integrated circuits can be used in an infinity of device form factors, from small wearables and mobile devices to bigger applications like car infotainment system panels.

Most Efficient Haptic Driver

Our BOS1901 piezo driver integrated circuit can be up to 20 times more efficient than legacy haptic technologies like ERM and LRA.

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Integrated Piezo Pressure Sensing

The BOS1901 is the first ultra-low-power piezo driver that can both create feedback and sense pressure from the same piezo actuator.

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Fast Start-Up Time for HD Haptics

The near instantaneous start-up time of our BOS1901 piezo drivers is ideal to create high-definition haptic effects.

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SmartClik Buttonless Smartphone

Learn more on our buttonless phone proof of concept, that won a 2019 Display Week I-Zone award!

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What is a Piezo Haptic Driver Integrated Circuit?

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It can be hard to understand the differences between the haptic technologies available on the market.

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