Driving the Haptic

Through low power electronics

World's Most Efficient Haptic Technology

We help product designers and engineers improve their device's user experience with better and more efficient haptic solutions.

Our new patent pending CapDriveTM technology enables high-definition haptics and low-power consumption in the industry’s smallest footprint.

Our new BOS1901 piezo driver, based on CapDriveTM Technology, is perfect for applications where power and space are limited like mobile devices.

CapDriveTM Technology

Up to 20 Times More Efficient

Piezoelectric haptic solutions become the most efficient technology with our BOS1901 driver.

Ideal for applications where power and heat dissipation are limited.

Integrated Piezo-Sensing

The BOS1901 is the only ultra-low-power piezo driver to be able to sense and actuate from the same actuator.

Save some board space and reduce your BOM.

Industry's Smallest Footprint

With only seven external components required and its QFN20 4x4x0.8 mm size, the BOS1901 piezo driver has the smallest footprint in the industry.

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