Big Performance,
Miniature Size

Launching the New BOS1901 WLCSP with CapDrive

Driving the
Haptic Revolution

Through Low Power Electronics

UX Design

Create The Ultimate Tactile User Experience

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Touchscreen Haptics

Localized haptics beneath the screen allows you to create rich tactile touchscreens experiences.

Haptic Buttons

Replacing mechanical buttons can help you bring multiple additional layers of information in your touch UI.

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Powerful Haptic Engine

Add a moving mass to a piezo actuator and you'll get a real haptic powerhouse.

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Powered by CapDrive Technology

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Most Efficient Haptic Driver

Our BOS1901 piezo driver integrated circuit can be up to 20 times more efficient than legacy haptic technologies like ERM and LRA.

Integrated Piezo Force Sensing

The BOS1901 is the first ultra-low-power piezo driver that can both create feedback and sense force from the same piezo actuator.

Fastest Start-Up Time

The near instantaneous start-up time of our BOS1901 piezo drivers is ideal to create high-definition haptic effects.

Driving Haptic Innovation Around the World

We're delighted that our combined technologies offer the clearest, most realistic and long-lasting piezo haptic solutions to our automotive customers around the world.

Stefan Benkhof, Director Product Marketing PPD PI AE/IE, TDK Electronics AG

Boréas' BOS1901CW allows Tactai to deploy our unique real-time dynamic rendering system into a wide range of new and exciting next-generation piezoelectric-driven mobile and handheld haptic devices.

Jonathan Fiene, Chief Technology Officer, Tactai

Next-Gen Piezo Haptics

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