Unboxing Boreas Bos1901 Devkit - How to use it
The best tool to evaluate piezo haptics Designed to support your development process, the BOS1901-Kit combines two BOS1901 high-voltage piezoelectric drivers compatible with a wide range of piezo actuators. The BOS1901, with CapDriveTM technology has the lowest power consumption, lowest latency and smallest footprint on the...
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Mechanical Fundamentals of Piezo Haptic Actuators - Video
Mechanical Fundamentals of Piezo Haptic Actuators 7 min Piezo haptics operate under a different mechanical concept than legacy technologies and will need a different approach to achieve a successful integration with better tactile effects. Let’s see how piezo haptics differentiate...
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Powered by CapDrive Technology - Video
3 min Piezo haptics have the bad reputation to consume a lot of power. Truth is, the actuators are very power efficient. The problem is in dated amplifier architecture used in piezo drivers. Fortunately, our new CapDrive piezo driver architecture...
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