Nexustouch Demo
Boréas NexusTouch turns the Smartphone's edges into interactive smart surfaces that leverage piezo actuators to sense force, detect advanced gestures and trigger localized HD haptics. NexusTouch smart surfaces customize the smartphone edges to adapt to what you're doing. For the first time, designers can...
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Piezo haptic trackpad demo
  Mechanical touchpads will soon be a thing of the past for Windows laptops. The shift to haptic trackpad has already begun.Don't get left behind.  Get more information about our Piezo Trackpad Technologies. 
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Unboxing Boreas Bos1901 Devkit - How to use it
The best tool to evaluate piezo haptics Designed to support your development process, the BOS1901-Kit combines two BOS1901 high-voltage piezoelectric drivers compatible with a wide range of piezo actuators. The BOS1901, with CapDriveTM technology has the lowest power consumption, lowest latency and smallest footprint on the...
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