The Revolutionary Piezo Driver Architecture

Boréas CapDrive is a game-changing piezoelectric driver architecture. It’s the first semiconductor platform to unlock the unique qualities of piezo materials—a class of special materials that produces an electric current when deformed, and that expand or contract when a current is applied to them—without the power, performance, durability or size constraints limiting other piezo solutions.

An exclusive patented, scalable high-voltage piezo driver architecture, Boréas CapDrive was designed from the ground up to efficiently drive piezo actuators—semiconductor devices that provide high-quality and sharply defined haptic feedback in consumer electronics devices such as smartphones, VR game controllers, wearables and PC laptop trackpads.

Boréas CapDrive is the foundational technology of Boréas’ family of piezo haptic driver ICs.

Up to 10 Times More Power Efficient

The Capdrive driver family is in a league of their own and can be up to 10 times more efficient, depending on the application. Less power consumption also means less heat dissipation. Forget overheating problems. Perfect for power and space-limited devices like smartphones and wearables.

Rich Haptic Effects, No Power Penalty

Piezo actuators are replacing older haptic-feedback technologies such as linear resonant actuators (LRAs) because piezo actuators support true functional customization, enriching the user experience with more satisfying tactile feedback. You know that stale buzzing sensation you get when your smartphone rings in silent mode? That’s typical of an LRA—an electronic component that gives you a one-size-fits-all response when you use your phone, your laptop’s trackpad, or even your VR controller. Piezo actuators offer a range of haptic possibilities. Which is where Boréas CapDrive comes in.

Boréas CapDrive lets design engineers create customizable, immersive haptic effects in consumer devices without taxing a power-penalty on top of your device. Boréas CapDrive haptic ICs are 20x more power-efficient than LRA-based solutions and they’re 10x more power-efficient than competing piezo driver ICs. Boréas CapDrive gives designers all the benefits of piezo haptics in an ultra-low-power profile.

CapDrive vs The Competition

CapDriveTM Technology brings HD Haptic feedback and integrated force sensing to the smallest devices, while reducing the solution's power consumption.

Features ERM LRA Piezo - Competition Piezo - CapDriveTM
Power Consumption High Medium Medium Low
Start-Up Time [ms] 50 25 1.5 0.3
Footprint Size Big Big Small Miniature
Integrated Pressure Sensing No No No Yes
HD Haptics No No Yes Yes

ERM = Eccentric Rotating Mass, LRA = Linear Resonant Actuator, Piezo - Competition = TDK PowerHapTM 2.5G Piezoelectric actuator coupled with competitor's driver, Piezo - CapDriveTM = TDK PowerHapTM 2.5G Piezoelectric actuator coupled with Boréas CapDriveTM driver technology

*with 100g mass. Acceleration is related to feedback strength. Higher number = Stronger feedback

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