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Dynamic Rocker

The dynamic rocker lets you detect swipes, clicks and taps - all with localized haptic feedback - to make smartphones more versatile, interactive, and intuitive.

Power(ful) Button

Custom haptics and force sensing make the power button much more helpful, with easier access to menus and features.

Natural Experience

HD piezo haptic feedback enables a transparent and natural solid-state button user experience.

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Rock-Solid Design

Our solid-state buttons boast a rock-solid design, crafted with cutting-edge technology for unmatched durability. Despite their compact size, these piezo buttons deliver a host of innovative features comparable to traditional mechanical buttons. Their simple design streamlines integration, enhancing manufacturing efficiency, and they exhibit high reliability, successfully enduring rigorous smartphone reliability tests.

Boréas Solution VS Competition

Boréas Solution VS Competition

Feature Boréas Solution Strain + Voice Coil
Size Small Large
Slider Yes Yes
Haptics Quality High Low
Custom Haptics Yes No
Latency Low High
Power Consumption Low High
Manufacturing Simple Complex

UX Design

Your Phone, Your Way

Off to a Solid Start

The instant touch response eliminates any lag or delay, enabling gamers to execute their moves with lightning-fast speed and precision.

Solid Foundation

Empower photographers to capture their vision with greater precision and ease. Crisp details and better lighting for high-quality photos.

Solid Performance

Piezo solid-state buttons surpass LRA buttons in terms of responsiveness, tactile feedback, power efficiency, and design versatility.

Solid-State Button
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UX Design

BOS0614 Piezo Driver

Technical Maestro

Learn More About the BOS0614

Low Power

Up to 10X power savings over the competition’s LRA and Piezo drivers.

Zero Power Sensing (ZPS)

ZPS keeps the power consumption under 10 μA in sleep mode and allows the chip to wake up in less than 100 μs when a click is detected from the user.

Small Footprint

The BOS0614’s small size and 4 channels support up to 4 buttons in a miniature footprint.

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