Piezo Haptic Buttons

Personal Experiences at Your Fingertips

Piezo solid-state haptic buttons enable personalized and immersive touch experiences on smartphones thanks to localized haptics and force sensing.

Designers can now customize the button behaviour to improve efficiency, reduce input errors and create immersive and magical “WOW” moments.

Mobile operating systems are getting more personal. It only makes sense for the hardware to follow the same path.

Mind-Bending Haptics to Build WOW Moments

Localized Haptics

The key difference between piezo haptics and legacy technologies. Localized haptics is mandatory to build enjoyable solid-state buttons.

Immersive Tactile Effects

Piezo actuators aren’t limited by their resonant frequency. Customize the feel of your smartphone to build a personal experience.

Immersive Tactile Effects

Leverage the large bandwidth of piezo actuators to build immersive effects and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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