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Master High Definition Piezo Haptics

Improving UX and HMIs with HD Piezo Haptics

Haptics can play a significant role in improving how we interact with the devices surrounding us. Legacy technologies like eccentric rotating mass and linear resonant actuators ruled the haptic industry in the last years but a new technology is about to take the market by storm: piezoelectric haptics.

Offering better performance and richer tactile effects, piezoelectric haptics work differently than legacy technologies and require a different approach to maximize their potential. Integrating HD Haptics in a product can be challenging. Fortunately, you are in good hands. Our learning center is here to help you and your team tackle common challenges and find solutions faster.

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4 Reasons Why Smartphones With Piezo Haptic Buttons Are The Future

Learn how piezo haptics can improve the reliability and user experience of a smartphone

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ERM, LRA and Piezo Comparison

Learn the differences between the three main haptic technologies available: ERM, LRA and Piezo.

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Powered by CapDriveTM Technology

Learn how our revolutionnary patented CapDriveTM technology changes the haptic industry landscape.

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Featured Guides

How Piezoelectric Haptics Can Help you Improve Your Device

There's multiple haptic technologies around, but they are not equals. There's one way to go if you want to generate HD Haptic effects. Learn why piezoelectric haptics are more advanced.

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Add Value And Improve User Experience With Better Haptics

Learn how much your customers value haptics, how to improve the user experience of your device and where to start to integrate HD Haptics in your products.

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