CapDrive® Ultra-Low Power Piezo Driver with Advanced Sensing (BOS1921)

190 Vpk-pk Piezo Haptic Driver Powered by CapDriveTM
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  • High-Voltage Low Power Piezo Driver
    • Drives 100 nF at 190 Vpk-pk and 300 Hz while consuming only 350 mW
    • Drives Capacitive Load up to 820 nF
    • Energy Recovery
    • Differential Output
    • Miniature Solution Footprint, WLCSP 2.1x1.7 mm
    • Small Solution Footprint, QFN 4x4 mm
    • Low BOM cost
  • Advanced Piezo Sensing Capabilities
    • 7 mV Sensing Resolution
    • Interrupt Generation
    • Automatic Triggering of Haptic Feedback
  • Integrated Digital Front End with I3C/I2C
    • 1024 sample Internal FIFO Interface
    • 1.8V to 5.0V Digital I/O Supply
    • Waveform Synthesizer (WFS)
    • Supports Continuous Waveforms Playback
    • State Retention in SLEEP Mode
  • Fast Start Up Time of Less Than 300 μs
  • Multi-Actuator Synchronization
  • Wide Supply Voltage Rangeof3 V to 5.5V
CapDrive Technology
CapDrive® Ultra-Low Power Piezo Driver with Advanced Sensing (BOS1921)
CapDrive® Ultra-Low Power Piezo Driver with Advanced Sensing (BOS1921)
CapDrive® Ultra-Low Power Piezo Driver with Advanced Sensing (BOS1921)

Product Description

The BOS1921 is a single-chip piezo actuator driver with energy recovery based on Boreas’ patented CapDrive™ technology. It can drive actuators with waveforms up to 190 Vpk-pk while operating from a 3 to 5.5 V supply voltage. Its low power and small size make it ideal for various applications requiring minimal power consumption.

The BOS1921 features high-resolution piezo sensing capabilities allowing haptic feedback to be automatically played when detection conditions are met.

The BOS1921 differential driver achieves low distortion waveforms and quiet actuator operation. All settings are adjustable through the digital front end to reduce the BOM.

Data and configuration parameters are easily communicated to the BOS1921 through its two-wire MIPI I3C interface. The MIPI I3C is also backward compatible with I2C for easy integration in most systems. A flexible deep FIFO enables the streaming of digital waveform data for playback or the transmission of burst data for more bandwidth efficiency. The BOS1921 also integrates a waveform synthesizer and 2 kB of RAM waveform memory to generate HD haptic waveforms with minimal communication bandwidth.

A dedicated SYNC pin can synchronize multiple BOS1921 controllers to drive multiple actuators within 2 μs simultaneously.

With a typical start-up time of less than 300 μs, the BOS1921 latency is negligible in most systems.

Various safety systems protect the BOS1921 from damage in case of a fault.

Parametric Specifications

Description BOS1921
Supply Voltage Min 3.0 V
Supply Voltage Max 5.5 V
I/O Supply Voltage Min 1.62 V
I/O Supply Voltage Max 5.5 V
Full-Scale Output Voltage 190 Vpp
Quiescent Current (Sleep) 0.5 µA
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise 1 %

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