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Benefits of Boréas Piezo Haptic Trackpads

Razor Thin Module

Boréas Piezo haptic trackpads can be as thin as 2.3 mm while offering the best user experience possible.

Hand sensing

Force Sensing and HD Haptics

The Boréas piezo haptic trackpad mechanical design is simple and enable consistent force sensing and HD haptics on large surfaces.

Cost Effective

Our piezo haptic trackpads use fewer actuators than the competition and use the same hardware for haptics and force sensing to reduce the overall module cost.

Reliable Design

Piezo actuators have great attributes for haptic trackpads. Boréas leverage the actuators' piezoelectric effect and the BOS1901 driver built-in sensing to design simple and highly reliable modules.

Easy to Manufacture

Boréas is partnering with household names, like Cirque Corporation, in the trackpad industry to simplify manufacturing.

Design Friendly

Turn your industrial design team's creative ideas, like edge-to-edge or multi-zone trackpads, into actual products with Boreas Piezo haptic hardware.

BOS1901 Piezo Haptic Trackpads vs The Competition

Characteristics Traditional Click Pad Leading LRA Trackpad Piezo Trackpad
Thickness (Touch + Haptics) 4 mm 3 mm <2.8mm
Haptic Feedback No Yes - LRA (narrow bandwidth) Yes - Piezo Actuator (wide bandwidth)
Force Sensing N/A Yes - With additional sensing hardware Yes - With same Piezo Actuator
Response Time > 50 ms > 20 ms < 5 ms
Power Consumption N/A 60 mW 5 mW
Structure Complexity Medium High Low
Weight 45 g 65 g 35 g

BOS1901 Piezo Driver

The Technology Behind Boréas Trackpads

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Free Guide on Building Piezo Haptic Trackpads

Don't be left behind. Start your haptic trackpad project today! Windows 11 now supports haptic trackpads. It's an important development for the industry, and OEMs will be able to build thinner computers that provide a more immersive experience. In this Whitepaper we'll go over how you can implement these features in your next project.