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Piezo haptic trackpad

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Boreas Piezo Haptic Trackpad in Action

Benefits of Boréas Piezo Haptic Trackpads

Razor Thin Module

The Boréas Piezo Haptic Trackpad module stands out with its astonishing thinness, measuring as sleek as 2.4mm. This exceptional feature paves the way for slimmer, more sophisticated high-end ultrabooks redefining the standards of sleekness and innovation in the realm of technology.

Hand sensing

Best HD Haptics Performance

The mechanical design of the Boréas piezo haptic trackpad is ingeniously streamlined, boasting elegant simplicity. This design excellence seamlessly translates into uniform, high-definition haptic feedback.

Uniform Force Sensing

Our BOS1921 piezo driver boasts an integrated force-sensing feature that revolutionizes your touch experience. This cutting-edge technology empowers the achievement of uniform force sensing capabilities, spanning flawlessly across the entirety of the trackpad surface.

Reliable Design

Experience cutting-edge innovation with the BOS1901 piezo driver's state-of-the-art architecture, designed to empower simpler and more reliable trackpad module designs. This groundbreaking technology sets the stage for seamless integration

Easy to Manufacture

Boréas is partnering with industry leaders like Cirque Corporation and Synaptics in the trackpad sector, simplifying manufacturing. This collaboration streamlines production, paving the way for innovative advancements that transcend traditional complexities.

Design Friendly

Explore unparalleled versatility with our scalable piezo trackpad module, designed to adapt to diverse sizes and form factors. Whether your device is compact or expansive, our trackpad seamlessly integrates to enhance your touch experience, perfectly aligning with your device's design and user preferences.

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Mass Adoption

Low-Cost Haptic Trackpad

Boreas Haptic Trackpad

Piezo Haptic Trackpad from Boréas Technologies and Cirque Corporation

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