Piezo Haptic

The Future of Computers is Haptic

Piezo Haptics

Disrupting Legacy Trackpads

Razor Thin Module

Looking for a thinner design? Look no further. Piezo haptic trackpads can be as thin as 1.8 mm while offering the best user experience possible.

Hand sensing

When Everything Just Clicks

Piezo haptics can let you customize your trackpad's tactile response to the perfect configuration.

Design Flexibility

Turn your industrial design team's creative ideas, like edge-to-edge or multi-zone trackpads, into actual products with piezo haptic hardware.

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BOS1901 Piezo Driver

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BOS1901 Piezo Haptic Trackpads vs The Competition

Characteristics Traditional Click Pad Leading LRA Trackpad Piezo Trackpad
Thickness (Touch + Haptics) 4 mm 3 mm <2.8mm
Haptic Feedback No Yes - LRA (narrow bandwidth) Yes - Piezo Actuator (wide bandwidth)
Force Sensing N/A Yes - With additional sensing hardware Yes - With same Piezo Actuator
Response Time > 50 ms > 20 ms < 5 ms
Power Consumption N/A 60 mW 5 mW
Structure Complexity Medium High Low
Weight 45 g 65 g 35 g

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