SmartClik 2.0 - Buttonless Smartphone Prototype

SmartClik 2.1 Phone Left-Side View

After claiming a spot in the top 5 for most significant advances in display technologies from the I-Zone at Display Week 2019, we decided to redesign the SmartClik buttonless smartphone and bring the proof-of-concept to the next level.

We wanted to achieve a better phone experience and showcase the button replacement haptic feel through another material beside aluminum. We added multiple buttons to the device to achieve our goal.

Here comes the second version of our prototype, SmartClik 2.1.

Updating the SmartClik Prototype

The new phone prototype comes with three different buttons under a seamless edge:

  • 1 x Power Button
  • 2 x Volume Buttons

The phone prototype uses TDK's 1204H018V060 mini PowerHapTM piezoelectric actuators for their haptic and force sensing capabilities.

Two different mechanical integration concepts are used on the SmartClik 2.0. Both are solid state buttons with haptic feedback. It is also possible to have a seamless design. Piezo haptics offers a lot of flexibility to designers. Don't hesitate to contact us at to learn more on our mechanical integrations.

Using Piezo Actuators for Haptic Feedback and Force Sensing

Pressure sensing - ERM, LRA vs Piezo and Boréas Technologies

CapDrive technology allows our BOS1901 piezo driver to sense force from the piezo actuators. The SmartClik buttonless phone demo uses this feature to forgo the force sensing hardware and use one single driver and piezo actuator for haptic and force sensing to replace a button.

The Piezo Haptics Advantage: Localized Haptics Effects

The main advantage of using piezo actuators for button replacement is localized high-definition effects, creating a much better user experience. Your other fingers won't feel the button feedback.

Legacy technologies like ERM and LRA vibrate the whole device. Replacing buttons with those technologies is not ideal because your whole hand feels the vibration.

About the SmartClik Buttonless Smartphone Prototypes

SmartClik is a buttonless proof-of-concept smartphone design platform based on Boréas’ BOS1901, the lowest-power piezo driver IC for HD haptic feedback in small battery-powered consumer devices.

SmartClik supports the customization of button “feel” in software, allowing designers to change button usage from application to application to create a multi-purpose user interface for many different use cases.

The piezo actuators are sensitive enough to detect force right through the phone’s frame. This enables better industrial design in end devices, supporting a unibody of stainless steel, aluminum or glass with the piezo actuators hidden under the frame.

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