Fitness Tracker with Lateral Piezo Haptic Motor Smart Tactor Kit Module

Boréas Technologies Product:BOS1901 Piezo Haptic Driver

Application of this module:Smartwatches & Fitness Trackers

The Boréas Fitness Tracker uses a lateral piezo haptic motor to create haptic feedback. Using off-the-shelf components, we reuse internal components already used in the fitness tracker to create haptic feedback. Reference design material is available upon request so you can build your own wearable device. Contact us to for more information.

Key Benefits

High-Performance Lateral Piezo Haptic Motor

  • Stronger feedback than similarly sized LRA and ERM
  • Larger bandwidth than LRA and ERM
  • Very fast rise-time

Small Footprint

  • Using internal hardware as a moving mass means you save space and have bigger feedback force

Low Power Consumption

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