Piezo Haptics
in Fitness Trackers

The Next Wave of Tactile Experiences in Small Devices

Boréas Piezo Haptic Engine

LRAs Make Your Fitness Trackers Feel Cheap

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Powerful Haptics

A bigger moving mass, thanks to the internal components, translates into stronger vibration force. The Boréas Piezo Haptic Engine is stronger than any LRA of similar size.

Better Tactile Experience

Skin mechanoreceptors don't sense the same way as accelerometers. The Boréas PHE creates stronger feedback at a more natural lower frequency, enabling much better tactile experiences.

Real HD Haptics

Small LRAs just don't offer good haptics. With faster rise time (and fall time), the Boréas Piezo Haptic Engine enables sharper and richer haptic effects in wearables.

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BOS1901 Piezo Haptic Driver

Download the Reference Design

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