Boréas Piezo
Haptic Engine

The Future of Haptics is Now

Boréas Piezo Haptic Engine

The LRA is History. Welcome Piezo Haptics!

How It Works

Punching Above Its (Internal) Weight

Next Wave of Haptic Experience

Your Users Aren't Accelerometers

Powerful Haptic Feedback

Thanks to the internal components, a more important moving mass translates into a powerful vibration force. The Boréas Piezo Haptic Engine is stronger than similar-sized LRAs or ERMs.


Low Power Consumption

Using a CapDrive piezo driver enables lower power consumption than competing piezo drivers and legacy technologies like ERM and LRA.

Rocket launch

Fast Rise Time

Faster rise time (and fall time) enables sharper haptic effects in your electronic devices.

Perfect for natural HD haptics.

Ready to Get Started?

Download the Reference Design

Download the Reference Design