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Advanced Gaming Shoulder Buttons

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Building The Best Gaming Phone

Most Responsive Gaming Buttons

With a 10 kHz touch sampling rate, piezo gaming buttons capture user input in 0.1 ms, faster than any other technology.

Dynamic Adaptive Triggers

With highly detailed haptics, piezo gaming buttons enable game context-based touch effects and how shoulder buttons feel to create highly immersive experiences, just like the latest high-end controllers.

Immersive Button Keystroke Haptics

Piezo HD haptics can replicate with extreme precision the mechanical button "click" and keystroke feel that customers love. Your smartphone will feel like a true controller.

Ultra-Low Latency

The same hardware in piezo gaming buttons is used to both sense force and drive haptics. The closed-loop translates to virtually no latency between the user input and haptic feedback.

Hand sensing

Feel With Your Fingers

Legacy technologies vibrate the entire hand and don’t feel like a button. Thanks to sharp and localized haptic feedback, piezo gaming buttons replicate the button press-and-release feel to only the pressing finger with extreme precision.

Gesture and Force Detection

Piezo gaming buttons can detect gestures and how much force the user is applying on the smartphone’s edge, enabling developers to add a new layer of input and more gaming capabilities.

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