Biggest Smartphone HMI Innovation since the Touchscreen

The Next Era of Smartphone Experience

Boréas NexusTouchTM sensing and localized haptic platform allows designers to expand touch-based user interfaces on the sides of smartphones and gaming phones. The platform enables seamless context-sensitive swipes, taps and clicks—all while delivering rich haptic feedback.

Flagship Phone

Redefine the flagship phone user experience with tailored interaction design for every application.

Gaming Phone

Gaming without trigger buttons isn't the same. Transform your phone into an absolute gaming controller powerhouse.

Dynamic Buttons

Replace mechanical buttons thanks to dynamic buttons. Customize how many buttons you want and what they trigger via software.

Advanced Sensing

Force and Gesture Detection

Localized Touch Feedback

The Best Haptics You'll Ever Feel

NexusTouch vs The Competition

Features Capacitive Sensors Force Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors Boréas NexusTouchTM
Force Sensing No Yes Yes Yes
Gesture Detection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Localized Haptics No No No Yes
Low Power Sensing* No No No Yes

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