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NexusTouch Features

Gesture Detection

NexusTouch can detect gesture such as swipes, taps and clicks. It's a brand new HMI technology on the edge of the smartphone.

Force Sensing

NexusTouch can sense the amount of force the user is applying on the edge of the smartphone. Useful to trigger force-based events.

Localized HD Haptics

Replacing mechanical buttons is no easy task. Human just like the click feeling of buttons. With localized HD piezo haptics, NexusTouch feels exactly like a traditional button.

NexusTouch vs The Competition

Features Capacitive Sensors Force Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors Boréas NexusTouchTM
Force Sensing No Yes Yes Yes
Gesture Detection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Localized Haptics No No No Yes
Low Power Sensing* No No No Yes

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