Smartphone Personalization Beyond the touchscreen

Your Smartphone Adapts to You

Boréas NexusTouch turns the Smartphone's edges into interactive smart surfaces that leverage piezo actuators to sense force, detect advanced gestures and trigger localized HD haptics.

NexusTouch smart surfaces customize the smartphone edges to adapt to what you're doing. For the first time, designers can personalize the touch interactions outside of the touchscreen and build custom experiences for every customer.

Gaming Mode

Saving the world in a mobile game?

NexusTouch turns into immersive shoulder trigger gaming buttons.

Camera Mode

Capturing magical moments with the camera?

NexusTouch turns into DSLR-like controls.

Usability Mode

Trying to beat your personal best run time but your phone is ringing?

NexusTouch isn't afraid of sweat and enables essential functions on your phone in harsh conditions.

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How NexusTouch Works

Gesture Detection

NexusTouch smart surfaces can detect gesture such as swipes, taps and clicks.

Force Sensing

Unlike touchscreens, NexusTouch uses force sensing to detect gestures.

Localized HD Haptics

NexusTouch doesn't rely on the smartphone vibration motor. This is why NexusTouch's localized haptics offers much more details.

NexusTouch vs The Competition

Features Capacitive Sensors Force Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors Boréas NexusTouchTM
Force Sensing No Yes Yes Yes
Gesture Detection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Localized Haptics No No No Yes
Low Power Sensing* No No No Yes

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