Boréas Display
Piezo Haptics

Improving Gaming on Smartphones

Display Piezo Haptics

Improving Gaming On Smartphones

Benefits of Boréas Display Piezo Haptics

Better Input Accuracy

The difference between losing and winning! Localized display haptics improves accuracy in your favorite games.

Low Cognitive Load

Keep your eyes on the prize! You won't need to look at your fingers to see if you press on the right button. You'll know because of haptics.

Faster Input Speed

Display haptics enables faster typing speed. Perfect for fast-paced action video games!

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Can Improve UX Design

The Next Generation of Touch Interfaces

How Display Piezo Haptics Works

Hand sensing

Localized Haptics

Using multiple piezo actuators, our BOS1901 driver can trigger haptics in different areas of the display.

Force Sensing

The BOS1901 is the only piezo driver on the market that can both trigger haptics and sense force from the same actuator.


Low Power

Based on our CapDrive technology, the BOS1901 consumes less power than any haptic technology on the market.

BOS1901 Piezo Driver

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