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Development Kit


The BOS1901-Kit combines two BOS1901 high-voltage piezo drivers compatible with a wide range of piezo actuators. The BOS1901, with CapDriveTM technology has the lowest power consumption, lowest latency and smallest footprint on the market. It is also the first single-IC solution able to both sense and drive piezo actuators with a voltage up to 190 Vpp; making it easy to implement interactive haptic experience for applications such as button replacement.

The standard USB audio protocol implemented on the BOS1901-Kit makes it appear as a normal audio output to any computer, thus simplifying greatly waveform prototyping and playback on the kit. The two channels also ease the prototyping of localized or more complex haptic solutions.

The BOS1901-Kit has been designed to provide a plug-and-play experience to first-time users while enabling advanced designers to test all possible configurations of the BOS1901. Two piezo actuators are provided in the kit as a starting point for piezo haptic evaluation.



  • Mobile Phones and Tablets

    Mobile Phones and Tablets

  • Portable Computers

    Portable Computers

  • Keyboards and Mice

    Keyboards and Mice

  • Electronic Gaming

    Electronic Gaming

  • Wearables


  • Electronic Cooling

    Electronic Cooling


  • Plug and play development kit to experience piezo haptic feedback
  • Easy generation of high-voltage waveforms up to 190 Vpp
  • Low-power integrated circuit
  • Standard USB audio to prototype haptic effects in MATLAB, Python, Audacity and many other software
  • Button replacement demonstration included to showcase sensing capabilities
  • Source code available for easy customization of the kit behavior
  • Simple power interface for development via USB port
  • Two separated breakable miniature PCB drivers with differential outputs
  • CapDrive™ technology: Patent pending
  • Two standard commercial piezo actuators included in the Kit:
    • TDK PowerHapTM 2.5G
    • Midé Technology PPA-2014

Technical documents

What's included?

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