Unboxing BOS0614-KIT Evaluation Board

Unboxing BOS0614-KIT Evaluation Board


The BOS0614-KIT is a Development Kit to help users get familiar with the BOS0614 Piezo Haptic Driver IC.

The PCB features a single BOS0614 with four output channels to drive multiple piezoelectric actuators from a single driver IC. The PCB is breakable, allowing to separate the BOS0614 and its components, enabling the users to directly control the driver using their platform.

This kit connects to associated PC software over USB for easy programming of the BOS0614 and manual generation of waveforms on the connected actuator. An Audio mode allows quick and easy generation of waveforms using existing audio software like Audacity® for haptic prototyping.

The piezoelectric actuator sensing capability is used to emulate button behavior. The sensing and feedback parameters can be changed using the software.

Many GPIOs and hardware features are accessible to ease prototype building.

bos0614 kit

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