Come Meet Us at Display Week 2019!

Display week, San Jose 2019

Display Week 2019 - San Jose May 14 to 16th

We're happy to confirm our presence at Display Week in San Jose!

We'll be in the I-Zone section (1840) at table #28 on May 14 to May 16th.

We invite you to come try our SmartClik buttonless phone concept! The prototype uses two BOS1901 chips and piezo actuators to replace mechanical buttons with satisfying localized haptic feedback.

The BOS1901 is a single-chip piezo actuator driver with energy recovery, based on a patent pending CapDrive™ technology. It can drive actuators with up to 190 Vpk-pk waveforms while operating from a 3-5.5 V supply voltage. The input digital stream is written in the internal FIFO over the digital interface to generate the desired output waveform. Low power and small size make it suitable in a variety of applications where power consumption and heat dissipation must be minimized. Visit the official BOS1901 webpage to learn more.