Simon Chaput

picture of Simon Chaput

President & Founder

A pioneering innovator in piezoelectric semiconductor platforms, Simon Chaput is the visionary leader of Boréas Technologies.

During the course of his doctoral work at Harvard University, Simon invented a new piezoelectric (piezo) driver IC architecture, uniquely enabling the use of piezoelectric actuators in size-and power-constrained applications. Since launching Boréas in 2017, Simon has attracted world-class talent and has raised significant capital to commercialize Boréas’ uniquely differentiated technology.

Today, Boréas’ award-winning ultra-low-power piezo driver ICs are transforming PC trackpads from perfunctory components to sophisticated, versatile haptic platforms in ultra-thin PC laptops and notebooks. Boréas’ piezo semiconductor platforms are likewise advancing touch user interfaces in gaming phones and smartphones, wearables, automotive infotainment and other devices in highly competitive markets.

Simon is an accomplished speaker at industry conferences and holds multiple patents in integrated circuits. He earned a BS in engineering and an MS in electrical engineering from Université de Sherbrooke. Additionally, Simon has completed graduate-level coursework in electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has pursued doctoral studies in integrated circuit design at Harvard University. He is based in Bromont, Québec.