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Our Breakthrough Patented Technology

Powerful Haptics with Unparalleled Patented Technology

CapDriveTM Technology is our exclusive patented scalable high-voltage piezo driver architecture. It has been designed from the ground up specially for piezoelectric haptic actuators. The ultimate goal was to offer the best performance and the lowest power consumption to unlock the full potential of piezo actuators.

Our piezo haptic drivers, which are all based on CapDriveTM Technology, allows OEM all over the world to easily integrate high-definition haptic effects into every form factor. Going from small devices like wearables and smartphones to bigger applications like automobile infotainment systems, our technology can help you improve the user experience of your product. You can now create more detailed and rich HD effects while reducing the overall power consumption of your haptic solution.

Up to 20 Times More Power Efficient

Our BOS1901 haptic piezo driver is in a league of its own and can be up to 20 times more efficient depending on the application. Less power consumption also means less heat dissipation. Forget overheating problems. Perfect for power and space limited devices like smartphones and wearables.

Built-In Force Sensing

Thanks to the piezoelectric reversible effect, a piezo actuator under a mechanical strain can send an electric charge and be used as a force sensor.

Until now, you needed another integrated circuit next to the driver to sense force. The BOS1901 is the first ultra-low-power piezo driver that can do both.

Miniature Footprint

Coupled with our piezoelectric driver, the total space used by your haptic solution will be smaller than any comparable legacy technology.

Only 7 passive discrete components are required with our BOS1901 driver for a total of 115 mm2 area.

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