Piezo Haptics Video Courses

Welcome to the Boréas Haptics Video Courses library! This page is part of our Haptics Learning Center. Here is the complete list of Boréas haptics learning video courses. We cover various subjects, so the courses are separated in different sections. All courses are free and we highly suggest to share them within your team!

Haptics Fundamentals

Piezo Haptic Buttons Mechanical Integration Tips

Learn how to achieve the best results when replacing mechanical buttons with piezo haptics.

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Mechanical Fundamentals of Piezo Actuators

Learn more on to replace ERMs and LRAs with piezo actuators.

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ERM, LRA and Piezo Comparison

Learn the differences between the three main haptic technologies available: ERM, LRA and Piezo.

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Powered by CapDriveTM Technology

Learn how our revolutionnary patented CapDriveTM technology changes the haptic industry landscape.

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Piezo Haptics Applications

4 Reasons Why Smartphones With Piezo Haptic Buttons Are The Future

Learn how piezo haptics can improve the reliability and user experience of a smartphone

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How to Use the BOS1901-KIT

How to Use the TDK PowerHapTM Actuator with BOS1901-KIT

Learn how to drive TDK PowerHapTM 60 V piezo actuators with the BOS1901 Devleopment Kit.

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How to Use the Midé Technology Piezo Actuator with BOS1901-KIT

Learn how to drive the Midé Technology piezo bender with the BOS1901 Development Kit

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How to Measure the BOS1901-Kit Power Consumption

Learn how to measure the BOS1901 development kit power consumption.

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