Piezo Haptic Computer Trackpad with BOS1901 Piezo Driver

Computer Piezo Haptic Trackpad Module

Boréas Technologies Product: BOS1901 Piezo Haptic Driver

Application of this module: Computer Trackpad

This haptic computer trackpad module uses the BOS1901 driver with a piezo actuator. This hardware allows thinner, less complex, better performing and less power consuming trackpads than leading haptic trackpad currently on the market.

Piezo actuators can replicate with extremely high fidelity the tactile feeling of using a mechanical clicking trackpad. Our BOS1901 can also sense when force is apply to a piezo actuator, allowing both haptic feedback and force sensing capabilities from the same piezo actuator.

Let's see how the Piezo Haptic Trackpad Module compares to other technologies.

Trackpads with Piezo Haptics are Better

Different computer trackpad technologies comparison. Key advantages of the Piezo Haptic Computer Trackpad:

  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Thinner Solution
  • Better Haptic Feedback
  • Simplier Structure
Characteristics Traditional Click Pad Leading LRA Trackpad Piezo Trackpad
Thickness (Touch + Haptics) 4 mm 3 mm <2.8mm
Haptic Feedback No Yes - LRA (narrow bandwidth) Yes - Piezo Actuator (wide bandwidth)
Force Sensing N/A Yes - With additional sensing hardware Yes - With same Piezo Actuator
Response Time > 50 ms > 20 ms < 5 ms
Power Consumption N/A 60 mW 5 mW
Structure Complexity Medium High Low
Weight 45 g 65 g 35 g
***Data measured by design partner***

Module Structure

The Piezo Haptic Computer Trackpad Module is less complex thant its mechanical and LRA based counterparts. Using the BOS1901 piezo driver allows force sensing without additionnal hardware, making the integration simplier, more reliable and cost effective.

Module Specifications

Resonant Frequency 170 Hz
Working Bandwidth 50-350 Hz
Maximum Amplitude of Vibration 60 μm
Maximum Acceleration of Vibration 36 m/s2
Startup Time < 3ms
Stop Time < 5 ms
Mechanical Noise @50v, 140 Hz < 35 dB
Force Touch Trigger Gate at Surface of TP Module 120 g
Click Lifetime >10e10 Times

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