Cool Concept

Reshaping Our Future with Piezo

Transforming Mobile Interaction Design

Solid-State Button

The Action Button in Apple's iPhone 15 Pro, akin to the exciting possibilities offered by piezo haptic technology, represents a significant leap forward in smartphone functionality. While the Action Button is a simple physical button that can be customized to perform various actions, piezo haptic buttons hold the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with our devices. Just as the Action Button allows users to create personalized menus of actions through Apple's Shortcuts app, piezo haptic buttons can offer customizable interfaces that respond to touch and provide tactile feedback, granting users the power to tailor their mobile experience to their preferences.

These innovations are paving the way for more intuitive and user-centric mobile interfaces, breaking free from the constraints of traditional button layouts and offering a new level of personalization. In this evolving landscape, both the Action Button and piezo haptic technology stand out as transformative additions that hold promise for further integration into various devices, marking noteworthy innovations in mobile technology.

Using Micropump as a cooling device

Piezo Micropump

The OnePlus 11 Concept introduces a truly innovative approach to smartphone cooling that sets it apart in the mobile technology landscape. By incorporating piezoelectric micropumps to circulate cooling liquid within the device, OnePlus takes a significant step in addressing the prevalent issue of smartphone overheating. This groundbreaking cooling system actively moves heat away from the source, resulting in a remarkable temperature reduction of 2.1 degrees Celsius during intensive usage, such as gaming. What makes this concept even more fascinating is that it doesn't sacrifice battery size for efficiency, thanks to the thin and lightweight nature of the piezoelectric micro-pump.

OnePlus's approach is not just about functionality but also about visual appeal, making it an attractive concept for consumers. The OnePlus 11 Concept paves the way for the future of smartphone cooling, offering better performance, longer battery life, and increased device longevity, and underscores the importance of innovative cooling solutions in high-performance smartphones. It's a cool concept that redefines the way we think about smartphone heat management, showcasing the potential for creative solutions to address the challenges of increasingly powerful devices.