CapDrive® Powerful Piezo Driver for Automotive Applications (BOS1211)

120 V Piezo Haptic Driver Powered by CapDriveTM
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  • AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Qualified
  • Scalable Low Power Piezo Controller
    • Designed for TDK PowerHap 120 V Actuator Portfolio
    • Drives up to 4 µF
    • Energy Recovery
    • Small Solution Footprint
  • Integrated Digital Front End with SPI
    • 1024-Samples Internal FIFO
    • 2-kB RAM Waveform Memory
    • Waveform Synthesizer
    • 1.8 V to 5.0 V Digital I/O Supply
  • Piezo Sensing Interface
  • Multi-Actuator Synchronization
  • Fast Start-Up Time, < 500 µs
  • Connects to 12 V Power Bus
  • Offered in a Wettable Flank QFN-24 Package
CapDrive Technology
CapDrive® Powerful Piezo Driver for Automotive Applications (BOS1211)
CapDrive® Powerful Piezo Driver for Automotive Applications (BOS1211)

Product Description

The BOS1211 is a scalable piezo haptic controller based on our patented CapDrive™ technology. It can drive TDK’s PowerHap 120 V piezo actuators or similar loads with up to 120 V HD haptic low distortion waveforms and operates from a 12 V supply voltage. The BOS1211 integrates a digital interface, low-side and high-side NMOS gate drivers for buck-boost conversion and piezo sensing capability.

The BOS1211 plays waveforms through its digital front-end and SPI interface. A flexible deep FIFO interface enables the user to continuously stream the digital waveform data for playback or to transmit burst data. The interface also integrates a waveform synthesizer and 2-kB RAM waveform memory to generate HD haptic waveforms with minimum communication bandwidth enabling two waveform generation modes: RAM playback and RAM synthesis.

The digital front-end gives access to many internal registers to optimize performance. The BOS1211 features a piezo sensing interface that can detect a pressure applied on the piezo actuator, play automatic haptic waveform feedback and notify the host of the event.

The high-speed SPI enables the device to share a common communication bus for multi-actuator system. The pin SYNC synchronizes multiple controllers in the same system to have waveforms phase delay within less than 2 µs.

Safety systems protect the device from damage in case of a fault.

Parametric Specifications

Description BOS1921
Supply Voltage Min 9.0 V
Supply Voltage Max 16 V
I/O Supply Voltage Min 1.62 V
I/O Supply Voltage Max 5.5 V
Full-Scale Output Voltage 120 V
Quiescent Current (Sleep) 8 µA
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise 1 %

BOS1211 Technical Documentation 

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BOS1211 Product Brief PDF Download
BOS1211 Datasheet PDF Download

BOS1211-Kit Documentation 

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BOS1211-Kit User guide PDF Download

BOS1211-Kit Software 

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BOS1211-Kit Installer PDF Download
BOS1211-Kit Firmware Image PDF Download
BOS1211-Kit Waveform PDF Download
BOS1211-KIT – Code Examples  PDF Download

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