Boréas Technologies Breathe New Life Into Piezoelectric Haptics

printed electronics world boréas technologies article

James Hayward from Printed Electronics world talks about how our technology can have a major impact on the piezoelectric haptics market:

Haptics as an industry has been resurgent over the last three years. After a long period of relative inactivity where haptics research was confined to a relatively tight group of companies and academics, the industry has been transformed in recent history by significant disruption of traditional markets by newer technology options. Many new players, from the largest OEMs to new emerging start-ups have ridden the wave of interest, funding and growth to develop new advanced haptics solutions. Today sees one of these emerging companies, Boréas Technologies, releasing their developer kits to the public for the first time. IDTechEx spoke to Boréas Technologies' Founder and CEO Simon Chaput about their product and their ambitions to disrupt the haptics market today.