Tactai - Piezo Haptic Enhanced Tablet Stylus

This module was designed by our partner Tactai

The Tactai piezo haptic enhanced tablet stylus uses the BOS1901 driver with a piezo actuator. This stylus is designed to enriches interactions with tablets by replicating the natural tactile feeling of using a pen on a paper sheet thanks to HD haptic feedback.

Space and power are limited in stylus body. Our BOS1901 piezo driver unlocks the possibility of integrating advanced tactile effects in this device.

Dynamic Waveform Engine

Tactai’s patented dynamic waveform engine provides real-time responsive haptic content by dynamically computing the haptic output for a given user input motion. In stark contrast to the pre-set haptic cues commonly used for various interface actions, this responsive, realistic, and high-fidelity haptic system makes it possible to render a wide variety of surface textures, geometric objects, and enables a wealth of other new and exciting user experiences.

Tactai Haptic Module

The ARM Cortex-M0™ based Tactai Haptic Module™ encapsulates the haptic waveform engine into an embeddable IC, complete with BLE wireless communications, on-board model storage, multiple inputs for on-board sensing, and standard digital outputs to interface with any haptic actuator drivers.

  • integrated Bluetooth v5.0-compliant transceiver
  • ARM Cortex-M0™ processor
  • configurable SPI, I2C or PWM actuator output
  • 1.8V ultra-low-power operation
  • 5.0 x 5.0 mm QFN-40 or 2.4 x 2.6 mm WLCSP-34

Reference Design

Combining the new wireless Tactai Haptic Module™ with a Boréas™ BOS1901 piezo driver and an axially-mounted TDK™ PowerHap 0904 actuator, the Tactai Active Stylus reference design transforms the typical tabletstylus interaction into a dynamic and realistic pen-on-paper experience. Additional on-board sensors and firmware enables the user to also capture and recreate the sensation of interactions with new surfaces. Units available upon direct request.

Bluetooth 5.0 LE wireless communications integrated contact and motion sensing quick-charge Li-Ion battery power internal Tactai Haptic Module 16.8-cm, 14-gram design 1.5 hour active use

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