picture of Rémi Meingan

Rémi Meingan

Director of Business Development

Rémi Meingan is Director of Business Development at Boréas Technologies. He brings 38 years of experiences in the Semiconductor Industry. Rémi began his career in 1980 at Philips in France as Product Engineer of Bipolar CML Devices. In 1982, he joined Mitel Semiconductor in Canada. Initially in the manufacturing group, he then moved to the Product Development group with responsibility of Analog CMOS devices. Since 1989, he led different departments: Product Yield Manager, Product Line Manager (CMOS, CCD, MEMS), Product Development Manager (MEMS, HV-CMOS) at Mitel, DALSA and Teledyne DALSA.

Rémi holds an Electrotechnics Degree awarded in France. He also received training related to microelectronics, analog circuit design, charge-coupled device (CCD) and financial business from various North American universities such as École Polytechnique de Montréal and UCLA. Rémi Meingan co-authored many IEEE papers on high voltage integrated circuits and he was a speaker at different Electronics Trade Shows.