Piezo Haptics Demos and Prototypes

It's easier to understand the difference between Next-Gen Piezo HD Haptics and legacy technologies when you can actually feel it.

Therefore, we have multiple demos that we bring with us to every trade shows and exhibitions. They are also available to rent so you and your team can try them in your office. Please fill the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in renting one of our demos.

These devices demonstrate how piezo haptics can help you improve your device with:

  • High-Fidelity Button Feel
  • Custom Waveforms and Advanced Haptic Effects
  • Integrated Force Sensing
  • Piezo Haptics Flexibility (Localized vs Entire Device Haptics)
  • Mechanical Integration and Manufacturability of Piezo Haptics

Piezo Haptics Demos

SmartClik Demo Phone
SmartClik 2.1 Buttonless Phone
Learn More on SmartClik Phone
Piezo Haptic Computer Trackpad
Piezo Computer Trackpad
Learn More on Piezo Trackpad
Tactai Piezo Haptic Stylus
Tactai - Piezo Haptic Stylus
Learn More on Tactai Stylus
Piezo Smart Tactor
Piezo.com Smart Tactor
Learn More on Smart Tactor

Borrow Our Demos!

We can send our demos to your office so you and your team can feel what next-gen piezo HD haptics are all about.

Plus, we'll do it FREE OF CHARGE!

You only have to fill the form on this page to request one or multiple demos. Our team will then reach you to set-up the shipping logistic with you.